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The RANS Bikes factory was established in 1973 by a gentlemen with the name of Randy Schlitter. He started his business in a small garage in Hays, KS. Randy asked Jerrell Nichols if he would be interested in taking the bicycle division of the RANS factory over in 2014.

 RANS Bikes is a bicycle manufacturer in Montezuma, KS. Jerrell Nichols is the master TIG welder for the bikes we build here in the USA. It is a small family run business. We build recumbent and crank forward bicycles in 7005-T6 aluminum or 4130 steel. The first plan of action and the most important is the CAD drawing. This takes time and thought so the finished product is correct. Over time different ways have been tried to jig and weld the frames. The setup we use currently works well. A T-slot table is used for a flat surface to lay the jig on. The jig is made from plywood and cut to precision by a local craftsman, using a CNC router.

A Bend-Tech plasma machine was purchased to create the precision cuts for the different angles on the bicycles. This was a really good investment for our business. Our son loads the machine and cuts them out as well as jigs up the pieces on the T-slot table. Jerrell comes in and tacks the frame in the jig. He then removes the tacked frame from the jig and finishes the welds in a clamp on the edge of the table.

RANS Bikes
PO Box 542
109 W Texcoco Street
Montezuma KS 67867
Phone: 620-846-2209