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What is a "Frameset"?

A number of the bikes on our side can be purchased as a "Frameset". Before ordering a Frameset, you should carefully consider the following information. This is not a complete bike, and will require additional parts and labor. For those who prefer specific or custom components, a Frameset is ideal. However, a frame set requires professional assembly and custom tools.

What is included in a "Frameset"?

Typically included in a frame set: seat, idler, handlebars, frame, risers, fork, headset adjustor, chain guard, and derailleur hanger (if applicable)

What is NOT included in a "Frameset"?

• Wheels

• Tires
• Tubes
• Brakes
• Crank
• Cables
• Housing
• Shifters
• Derailleurs
• Chain
• Cassette
• Headset

Please contact us, and we can refer you to a qualified professional bicycle dealer that can complete this bike build for you.